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Tap into the transformative power of Personal AI with Elevate. Imagine a private and personal ChatGPT with your memory, trained end-to-end for you. Starting at $10k and available for your commercial needs.

The Personal AI application showing a conversation with a person and a business's AI.

Elevate Provides

Dedicated resources and tailored services including:

Remember Everything By Chatting With Your Brands AI

Different bubbles showing the names of data sources all connected and feeding into the Personal AI Icon.
A conversation in the Personal AI App:
Prompt: Write a post for Twitter announcing our new product release written by the founder, Dr. Alexis. 
AI Response: I am thrilled to share news from QuantumMind Innovations, where we are taking another giant leap in the realm of Artificial Intelligence with QuantumSphere AI.
🔍 Key Features:
Quantum Learning Dynamics 🔄
Ethical AI Governance 🌐
Human-Augmented Intelligence 🤝
AI as a force for positive change, connecting people, ideas, and possibilities. Lets redefine possibilities together! #QuantumSphereAI

Content Generation & Ghostwriting

Instantly Answer FAQs / Customer Support

The Personal AI iOS app showing a conversation with a person chatting with a business AI about FAQs.
A conversation on Facebook Messenger.
Question: How does MarketMinds approach ethical and responsible investing?

Answer: Ethical and responsible investing are integral to our philosophy. We incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into our investment strategies, offering clients the opportunity to align their investments with their values.

Auto-reply to DMs

Auto-draft Email Replies

A message box with a prompt asking the AI to draft a response to an email. The AI shows a version of the message draft.
An SMS conversation:
Question: I'm new to investing. What are the first steps I should take to start building an investment portfolio?
Answer: It's great that you're considering investing. The first step is to define your financial goals and risk tolerance. From there, we can develop a personalized investment strategy tailored to your needs.

Allow Customers and Clients to Text with your Brand AI

A White-Glove AI Experience

Real Humans Working With You Every Step Of The Way.


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