Your Personal AI.

Private, Accurate, Always On.

Transform your business with a proprietary AI for each of your domain experts to streamline up to 80% of your daily communication.

Screenshot of the personal AI mobile app
Screenshot of the personal AI mobile app

We Train It.
You Own It.

Curated, Trusted, Controlled.

Whether you are an attorney, coach, doctor, therapist, or other licensed professional where accuracy is mission critical, Personal AI is for you.

Own your AI and data.
Keep your reputation secure and your data under your control.

Different bubbles showing the names of data sources all connected and feeding into the Personal AI Icon.
A conversation in the Personal AI App:
Prompt: Write a post for Twitter announcing our new product release written by the founder, Dr. Alexis. 
AI Response: I am thrilled to share news from QuantumMind Innovations, where we are taking another giant leap in the realm of Artificial Intelligence with QuantumSphere AI.
🔍 Key Features:
Quantum Learning Dynamics 🔄
Ethical AI Governance 🌐
Human-Augmented Intelligence 🤝
AI as a force for positive change, connecting people, ideas, and possibilities. Lets redefine possibilities together! #QuantumSphereAI

Trained to respond accurately in your personal voice. You are always in the loop.

With more demand on your time than you can manage, always be available 24/7.

The Personal AI iOS app showing a conversation with a person chatting with a business AI about FAQs.


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